About MEMU

MEMU has had the same founders & owners since the company was established in 1997, Christina and Magnus Ek. After over 20 years years within the exhibition industry we have a lot of knowledge that we would like to share with our customers. Our ambition is to work integrated on a long-term basis with them and we want to be part of their development. In a service-oriented field the staff is the most important resource, and this holds also for us at MEMU. Our words of motto are service, honesty, responsibility and flexibility.

More about our background

Our headquarters are in Jönköping, but we often work at exhibition facilities across the country. Since the beginning we have had a sound economic thinking, which for example means that we never had any loans. This ensures safe and long-term relationships.

In the year of 2000, the owners received the prize as the year’s new employer in Jönköping Municipality. It was a nice recognition for all the work that had been done so far. The motivation was as follows:

“Magnus and Christina show example of how to develop their business through a combination of motivation and hard work and also through a willingness to share the experience of others. Flexibility in terms of the focus of the company activity has helped Magnus and Christina to look at the future with great expectation and confidence.”

After more than two decades in the service, we have gained a lot of knowledge that we would like to share with you.